The Problem(s) With Trumpism

SR Trumpism

The Sectarian Review Podcast is back.

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Join Danny Anderson, Ed Simon, and new contributor Jordan Poss as they fret over the disturbing rise of Donald Trump. What does the rise of Angry White Populism mean for a post-Trump America? Are there historical precedents for this moment? What might a political realignment look like in America’s winner-take-all electoral system? Two English and Cultural Criticism types are joined by a historian to hash it all out. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.


2 thoughts on “The Problem(s) With Trumpism

  1. Adam Johnson says:

    My Dear and Good Friend Danny, whom I miss dearly. I am afraid I disagree with you. I have watched countless Trump speeches and interviews. He is not the racist monster he is made out to be. THE “IDEA od Trump” has grown into its own persona. I consider myself a thinking person, and I could see myself voting for him or Cruz.

    • I miss you as well, Adam, and I respect your opinions. I cannot, however, see any way to ignore the effect that Trump has on many of his followers. By refusing to denounce the things that go on in his name, he is supporting them.

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