Hi-Five Friday


March 8, 2013

I’ve decided to try out a new weekly feature. A list of five examples of internet awesomeness that comes across my RSS feed each week. I got the idea from Derek Ouellette at Covenant of Love and decided to adapt it myself. If you have anything you think I should post, send it along! Enjoy!

In no particular order…

Flannery O’Connor, Faith, and a Wooden Leg” – Kathleen Nielson

Having just taught O’Connor to a group of neophytes (from Georgia no less!), I just had to keep it rolling.

Why I Write For Free” – Stephanie Lucianovic

The pleasure and pain of writing just to write. A must for any blogger out there.

The 30 Best Places to Be if You Love Books” – Tanner Ringerud

A detailed description of my next 30 vacation destinations!

Imagine Sisyphus Happy: How Camus Helps Fay Weldon Keep on Writing” – Joe Fassler

This is a short, yet powerful manifesto about why the writer’s struggles are worth it.

Mumford and Sons, God, and the New Sincerity” – Jonathan D. Fitzgerald

An excellent and thought-provoking analysis of people taking themselves seriously at last. I have some qualms with the author’s under-thinking the term “sincerity,” but found the piece provocative.

If you get the time to read any of these, please let me know what you think. The point is JUST READ!


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